Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Renaissance Tinky

My dear pal, Tinky Weisblat, (well, we've never actually met, but that's one of the marvelous things about the blogosphere, right?) is not only an author, a food writer, a fabulous cook, the holder of a doctorate in American Studies and a masters degree journalism, she has a marvelous blog named In Our Grandmothers' Kitchens which you really ought to visit regularly. Tinky is also a gifted singer (or, chanteuse, as she would say). ("Well big deal," grumbles Grad. "I've got talent too, 'ya know. I'm am practising my Hula Hooping and I bet I could beat the snot out of her if it ever came to a contest." Yeah, you go, Grad.) Tinky's blog often has an event- driven theme, and in honor of the running of the Kentucky Derby she created a link to her beautiful rendition of My Old Kentucky Home, and with any luck, I'll be able to get the link to work correctly so you can enjoy it as well. Songs about the south always make this Yankee a little teary-eyed. I love your voice, Tinky, but how about a little Led Zeppelin? Stairway to Heaven or D'yer M'aker perhaps. So, okay (with Tinky's kind permission) here goes...let's see if I can do this ...

Woo hooo! Success!

Did I mention that I am available for all sorts of agent-type promotions. My commission is a mere the top.


  1. Grad, I hate to disappoint you, but I don'r really know how to sing anything written after 1950. So Led Zeppelin is just a dream--for the moment! Thanks for the kind words anyway, and rest assured that you would ABSOLUTELY beat me with a hoola hoop; I never could figure out how to keep the darn things moving......

    Thanks for the tribute. I, too, value our friendship! And I'll keep you in mind should I eer need an agent.

  2. What a lovely piece - thank you for introducing me to Tinky's blog. If I am ever launching a musical career, I'll know where to come!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Aww shucks ma...this is too cute.

  4. that is lovely! i am also an avid hula hooper and i am considering learning to hula too!