Friday, December 28, 2012

And So This Is Christmas

We say a melancholy goodbye to another Christmas.  Although I seldom admit it - and in fact make a rather large deal of being a bit of a humbug - in reality I do love it.  At least, I love the true meaning and idea surrounding Christmas.

I did, in fact, get the tree assembled.  It took staying up until the wee hours of the morning.  I finally dragged myself to bed and dreamed of sugar plums - or perhaps it was clementine vodka.  In any event, the next evening I took a picture of it.  As I looked through the lens, I realized something was dreadfully wrong.  One of us was tilting.  I was fairly certain it wasn't me.
Miraculously I had my cell phone in my pocket and was able to call 911.  Not literally, of course, but my paramedic son did arrive just in the nick of time as the entire monstrous elephant of a tree collapsed.  He was able to mitigate the damage by catching it on the way down.  I should have taken a picture of the wreckage (but I fear I'm not photogenic) - and of the tree with lights dangling and branches missing and ornaments scattered across the landscape.  At first I cried, and then we started to laugh.

The next morning, with the tree once again secured in its base (Charlie hammered it together and I still don't know whether I will be able to get it disassembled - I am fearful I might have to live with it up all year) I began again.  After all, Christmas is a season of hope.  Some of the lights were in such a tangle it was hopeless to try to make them right.  It would be less "glow-y" the second time around.   But that is a very small thing.

Christmas is not about twinkling lights,

Or Prancer and Dancer and Donder and Blitzen...

Or faux snowflakes...

It isn't about Christmas crackers and party hats, or whistles and riddles...

It is about wonder...

It's about laughter and joy...

And traditions...

It is about remembering in prayer...

But most of all, Christmas is all about love...

Which, I believe, is the best birthday present we could possibly give that sweet, small infant.

I hope your own holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas or something else or nothing at all, was filled with magic.  Mine was.


  1. Lovely, Grad! Especially that last big smile. You are more ambitious than I; I always go for a tree that's relatively short (like me). I'm glad yours was saved. My brother would suggest a StandStreight stand, but I think you have the season covered without one.

  2. Tinky, that last photograph is Shorty and Kat. I love it. Shorty does not look 92, does she! Next year I'm going for a pre-lit tree that goes together in two parts, not sixty-two.

  3. Merry Christmas, Grad! What a beautiful post.

  4. Love the photos, and the story, and you are right, Christmas is about so much more than trees and lights and presents. I am glad you had a wonderful day!

  5. What a lovely post, Grad! You thoroughly deserved a fine festive season, with all that perfect karmic intention in your heart. The tree story is amusing - have you got it disassembled yet? Ah well, less hassle to put up another next year, if not! Personally, I like the look of that chair by the fire - VERY appealing place for curling up with a book. So glad you had a lovely Christmas and here's to a wonderful 2013 for you.

  6. Oops, comment disappeared so here goes again. I was just saying what a lovely post. Your tree is beautiful and my daughter would say it's "the prettiest tree in the whole world". Lovely to see pictures of your family and I'm so glad that you had such a magical Christmas. All the best to you and your family for 2013! Pete x

  7. I loved looking at your pictures. I'm glad you had a great Christmas! Happy new year!!

  8. Great post, great pictures and .... did you really have clementine vodka?!

  9. Inkslinger, hope your Christmas was fabulous!

  10. I can't believe your tree collapsed!!! But as usual you handled the whole thing with characteristic aplomb and humour. And Happy New Year, Graddikins. I am missing my blog friends a LOT.

  11. Oh, and I *adored* seeing all your photos! Happy days ahead to you, my friend.